Message from Bob Kauffman

Hey Chris Wendel, this is Bob Kauffman in Atlanta Georgia. I want to thank you very much for sending me a copy of the new book on the Braves, that Tim did and the you guys collaborated on and everything else.

I just wanted to thank you very much, it’s tremendously informative, it brings back awesome memories, and I also regret that franchise had to leave, because Buffalo was a wonderful place for Judy, me, and my family. I just wanted to thank you guys for doing what you did, it is really awesome.

Thanks for writing about the Braves, I never envisioned it, but you knew there was a market for it. It looks like it was a lot of love was put into it and it brought tears to my eyes. Thanks once again to both of you and everyone else who was involved.

  1. Joe Klink
    November 6, 2011 at 4:22 am

    I grew up in South Buffalo, Cazenovia Park area in the 1970s and it was like heaven on earth. My parents scrounded up a few hundred bucks to send me to Bob Kauffman’s basketball summer camp in Derby NY at the Kellogg Estate.

    We loved the Braves and went to as many games as we could sneak in to. We sometimes needed to go to standing room only in the oranges but that was fun too. I once got a hold of Wilt’s shoulder as he came through the tunnel.

    I’ll never forget Ernie D’s comeback game when he took down the Celtics in a playoff game with blood streaming down his face. Randy Smith was the steal of the century and Bob Kauffman was the rock of the early franchise until Bob McAdoo arrrived.

    Thanks for the memories. My wife bought me the book and I need to find Bob K to sign it. My daughter also got me a throw back Braves McAdoo away jersey that I will get him to sign in Miami some day.

    Great job guys!
    Joe Klink,
    Treasure Island, FL

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