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The Last Interview: Randy Smith

Interviewed in 2008 by Tim Wendel, author of “Buffalo, Home of the Braves”. Randy Smith Color Image

Randy Smith Interview, Full version, 20 minutes

In this (believed to be his last “on the record” interview) recording from 2008, former Buffalo Brave and NBA All-Star Randy Smith discusses how his own determination led him from a long-shot 7th round draft pick to an enduring eleven year career. From 1972-1982, Smith played in every regular season game, en route to a then-record of 906 straight games (since broken by A.C. Green).

Smith talks in detail about the early days of the Braves, his friendship with budding superstar Bob McAdoo, the raucous Memorial Auditorium fans, and surviving the team’s tumultuous final seasons in Western New York. Among the interesting pieces, we learn that after a bizarre franchise swap in 1978, Smith received pay checks from the Boston Celtics, while playing games for the San Diego Clippers.

Twenty seven years after retirement, Smith remains the Braves/San Diego/Los Angeles Clippers franchise’s leading scorer. He died on a heart attack on June 4, 2009 after suffering a heart attack near his home in  Connecticut.

  1. August 29, 2009 at 2:27 pm

    In listening to the interviews with Randy again, I found it striking how he wanted to make sure I got things right, had the timeline down. Certainly I’d done my homework going in, read the clips about the team, etc. But Randy knew so much of it was a jumble. Deep down I think he realized he had become the historian of the team, the guy who was there the longest, so it was up to him to set the record straight. That’s what he did.

  2. Georgianna Ruby Smith Perry
    December 20, 2009 at 9:32 pm

    I personally have not had the privilidge to read or listen to any of the interviews or statements given by MR. SMITH although i have recently scanned the web sight,. I count it a privilidge and an honor that Mr.Wendel thought enough of my brother to take the time to sit with him and reminisce about the life, and the legacy of such players as Randy, Bob, and ernie….as well as orhers, however in my opinion, my BIG brother will always be my #1 fan. Thank you Mr. Wendel and perhaps others who might have helped in publishing this book as i am purchasing a copy as a memorial and a keepsake in honor of my only brother…RANDY THE ( IRON MAN) SMITH… I am still struggling with the sudden death of such a wonderful brother whom i loved soooo much. Thank you GOD for giving us 60 years of love, joy and happiness with a wonderful BIG brother… thanks to the NBA and to Mr. Jack Ramsey for choosing my brother to become of BUFFALO’S most valued players. God plucked a beautiful flower….RIP brother…I love you….Your sister RUBY.

  1. February 9, 2012 at 2:10 pm

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