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All of the rumors are true, sort of

By Chris Wendel

Is it just me or is this a trying time to be a Buffalo sports fan? The Sabres dropped another one goal game last night, the Bills teased us last week by almost beating the Baltimore Ravens (a team that many pundits think is the league’s best), and the UB Bulls are in their own downward spiral.

Along with the disappointing performances is the haunting backdrop of random rumors that the Bills are already being peddled to Los Angeles or some other growing warm weather megalopolis. The following scenario was thrown out as part of the conversation yesterday by a fan commenting on a local Buffalo blog:

“…, let me help you on your investigative reporting of the NFL owners’ conspiracy to steal the Bills and install them in LA since you seem to be taking some time. The financing for the new stadium in LA is set and between one of two parties. All they are waiting for is the NFL team to be named which will be the Bills. Once the Bills are named, the stadium will be finalized and for the first 2-3 years while the stadium is being built the Bills will play in the LA Coliseum and then move to the new stadium. The front runner is Ed Roski, owner of Majestic Commercial Realty and who owns the land the stadium will be built on. Tim Leiweke, president of AEG Sports, is also competing, wants to convert part of the LA Convention Center into a downtown NFL stadium. As soon as Ralph passes on, sources have it the owners have already promised Wilson and his daughters they will be paid in cash for market value, and will see to it no other offers surface to keep the Bills in WNY.”

Within the context of a blog comment one wants to dismiss such random nonsense as fiction. Unless the local Western New York media outlets are too financially strapped to explore this LA storyline, it almost has to be treated as conjecture. Still these kinds of conspiracy theory comments get my attention, leaving me a Buffalo fan with foreboding emotions ranging from naïve denial to chronic paranoia.

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