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Cardinal sins haunt Bills

by Chris Wendel

After finally deciding  to place this year’s quarterback hopes on the back of Ryan Fitzpatrick, the Buffalo Bills today released Trent Edwards. At the same time the Bills are plenty of showing potential to secure the worst record in the NFL and the first overall pick in the 2011 NFL Draft. The departure of Edwards highlights one of many glaring problems for a franchise that is irrelevant in NFL discussions outside of Western New York.

Edwards, a third round pick out of Stanford in the 2007 draft (by the way, a dud of a draft for quarterbacks) never emerged as a leader and the Bills offense languished in ineffectiveness.

Looking ahead it will be interesting to see the Bills have the opportunity to draft Andrew Luck another quarterback from Stanford. Luck will come in the NFL with a lot more hype and talent than Edwards. All of this begs several other questions:

  1. Will the Bills pony up the money for a first overall quarterback, similar to the six year $86 million deal Sam Bradford recently signed with the St. Louis Rams?
  2. How will the impending NFL labor dispute affect the 2011 Bills draft?
  3. Should the Bill take a high first round pick and choose a top notch offensive or defensive lineman instead of a quarterback?

For now the thought of another Stanford quarterback quarterbacking the Bills may be tough to consider.

  1. September 29, 2010 at 3:23 pm

    The cruel twist to the Trent Edwards story would be if he becomes a star someplace else. Interesting that Jacksonville and the Jets wanted him. Can’t help thinking that it’s the management as much as the lousy talent that’s the problem at One Bills Drive.

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