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Blizzard Knowledge

By Tim Wendel

Sometimes simply being from Buffalo reminds you about the important things in life.

Even though I’ve lived in the Washington, D.C., area for 20 years now, I will always consider myself a Buffalonian. Of course, we’re getting nailed by a nasty stretch of weather as I write this. (Silently praying that the power doesn’t go out). At the moment, we’re at two-plus feet and counting.

So, I’ve been trying to impress upon my 17-year-old son the importance of getting out there and doing the shoveling. How the white stuff isn’t going to disappear any time soon. Not this much snow. And how it’s important to help your elderly neighbors clear their driveway, too. Even when their snow blower breaks down.

Tomorrow is the Super Bowl. We were supposed to host old friends from Buffalo, who have resettled in this area. That won’t happen now with the weather. But during the Colts-Saints showdown, I’ll tell my son about the great teams from Buffalo. How Kelly & Co. made the Super Bowl four consecutive seasons, only to come up short. How that remains something to be proud. How that’s an accomplishment to be honored and remembered.

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