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Respect, Recollection for Braves Hard to Find



Ironman Randy Smith

Ironman Randy Smith



Bob McAdoo was featured today in a great piece by Harvey Araton in the New York Times about redemption and keeping one’s ego in check to get that second chance. The comparison of McAdoo getting his opportunity to win a championship with the Los Angeles Lakers was made to Stephon Marbury, as he enters a crossroad in his career.


A few months ago we tagged the Braves on with the title: “The team that time forgot”. So it came as no surprise, that there was no mention in today’s article of the Buffalo Braves, the team that gave McAdoo his first chance in the NBA, where he won three scoring titles as the league’s MVP in the mid 1970’s.


There was a similar tone several years ago when AC Green broke Randy Smith’s NBA record for the most consecutive games played. There was barely a mention of Smith, or the team he played the vast majority of his games for. Time has seemed to erase the Braves from the present day media’s memories. Perhaps a history lesson is in order.


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