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A Bigger Voice

by Chris Wendel

Last spring, we began working with “A Bigger Voice” an organization organized by Carol Ross of Louisville, Colorado. I credit my friend Dave Murphy with the introduction. As a fan 1970’s NBA basketball, Dave recognized that the story of “Buffalo, Home of the Braves” had significance for people outside of Western New York and put us in touch with “A Bigger Voice”.

Over the past few months the book project became a pilot project for the “A Bigger Voice” team, that helped us make huge strides in developing an online following and building our own web community. To learn more, take a look at our wrap up interview.

Book update: The “Farewell, Old Friend” tour of Buffalo last week was a resounding success in pre-selling copies of the book and making great connections with those who fondly remembered the Braves. Several mysteries were solved including the location of the Braves early training camp location (ECC-North) and exactly what happened when Dolph Schayes was dismissed as the Braves coach the second game into season two.

The combination of last week’s event honoring Memorial Auditorium and the “A Bigger Voice” relationship spiked the hits on both of our blogs to unprecedented highs for the week ending November 22nd.

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